Lt. Governor candidate fires field director for cutting corners, bunching signs close together in Wilmington and Raleigh


February 8, 2020


If you live in Wake County or Wilmington, it is likely that you have seen hundreds of campaign signs pop up representing a candidate for Lt. Governor. Hoke County Commissioner Allen Thomas is currently running for Lt. Governor in the Democratic Primary, he was alerted via Facebook by concerned citizens regarding the manner in which his signs were placed in both Wilmington and Raleigh. The worker was tasked with putting out a certain number of signs in each county and instead of spreading the signs throughout the city, they bunched them all together to get them out quicker. After seeing the nearly two dozen pictures submitted by concerned citizens, Allen Thomas Jr. immediately terminated his relationship with the campaign staffer and has demanded that the individual cease and desist when it comes to sign placement.

Allen Thomas released the following statement: “I would like to apologize the residents of New Hanover and Wake Counties. The manner in which these signs were placed do not represent the campaign that I am running and it does not represent my values as a leader. As as a statewide candidate, I am always on the road. I am grateful for the concerned citizens who reached out to me via social media to alert me of the issue. We are still evaluating the scope and severity of this issue. As we work to correct this issue, please feel free to email me directly at to report any issues that you may see. “


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