The Lt. Governor only votes in legislative matters in order to break a tie vote in the Senate. 

The true authority of the Lt. Governor rests in their ability to use their office to lobby legislative support for issues.




Ending Poverty

With 1 in 5 children living in poverty in this state, Commissioner Thomas has aggressively made ending poverty his cornerstone issue.

Much needed resources are spent treating the symptoms of poverty, but now it’s time to fight the main issue head on.

Commissioner Thomas supports:

Fully funding schools by any means necessary. This initiative supports increasing teacher pay while also providing increased pay and resources to support staff ie bus drivers, teacher assistants, social workers etc. Commissioner Thomas also supports offering teachers an additional supplement to tutor at schools with poor academic performance. These schools, students and teachers need extra support, not criticism. No-cost after school care will encourage parents to give their children more resources to be academically successful. 

Raising Minimum Wage. North Carolina has one of the lowest minimum wages in the country. The way we treat the least among us really tells the story of who we are as a state. People should be able to work hard and make a decent living. After 10 years, it is past time to raise the minimum wage. Commissioner Thomas also supports giving municipalities the ability to place a minimum wage referendum on the ballot for voters to approve. The cost of living varies drastically across our state. With this plan, voters will be able to approve minimum wage increases for private businesses that operate in their communities. 

Foundation up Economics. This economic development plan is the opposite of trickle down economics. Commissioner Thomas believes that it is wrong to have one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the country while also having high poverty rates, low per pupils spending in education, and less than average teacher pay. Commissioner Thomas believes that big corporations should earn their way to paying a lower rate. Does your company provide student loan repayment programs? Do you offer parental leave? Do your lowest paid workers receive a living wage? Only those corporations who meet the needs of their employees should be rewarded. It is wrong to put requirements on food stamp and Medicaid recipients while giving billions of dollars in corporate welfare to wealthy corporations across the board. 

Criminal Justice Reform. We need an updated statewide standard as we move towards a cashless bail system for non-violent offenders. Place a referendum on the ballot and let voters decide if medical and/or recreational marijuana should be legal in this state or not. Send people who abuse drugs and mentally ill inmates to treatment centers not jails. Create a state of the art, fully funded reentry program that focuses on reducing recidivism. 

Social Services. End the waiting list for daycare assistance by fully funding the program. Transform the child support system so that children are financially supported every month. Universal child support will not take away the incentive to pay. It will simply make it a budget priority for the state to insure that children are supported while back child support is collected. The state should recognize the benefits of keeping children out of poverty.


“Allen Thomas believes that it is our sacred responsibility to take care of our planet. He opposes fracking, offshore drilling, and the deregulation of environmental standards and protections.


Hoke County is home to the 1st (out of only 2 in the state) net zero energy rated K-12 school in NC. Sandy Grove Middle School uses solar panels to create more energy than it needs to operate. The excess electricity is then sold to Duke Energy at above market rate prices. The funds from this agreement are re-invested into our youth. Commissioner Thomas supports increased tax credits to make these types of government buildings common in NC. Renewable energy must be a priority.”


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